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Train the Trainer

In some cases, an individual call center may not want to contract the Fraser Group to actually score calls handled by their CSRs, but would like to implement Fraser's SETS program. In these cases, Fraser is happy to license our approach following program specific training conducted by Fraser's professional staff.

Fraser's approach to call center specific training is focused on the skills required to incorporate Fraser's "Excellence in the Eyes of the Customer"© model into the trainers skill set.

Typical call center "train the trainer programs" fall into two specific groups, the traditional call center training and Fraser's approach.

Traditional call center training focuses on:

  • Training fundamentals
  • Call center supervision
  • Work force management
  • Understanding technology (IVRs, ACDs, speech recognition, etc.)
  • Mathematical modeling of call center resources
  • Quality assurance

Fraser's training focuses on training the trainer on quality assurance as defined by Fraser's "Excellence in the Eyes of the Customer"© . Traditional call center training in the area of quality assurance focuses on:

  • Internal audits
  • Building quality forms
  • Calibration
  • Techniques for shaping CSR performance
  • How to monitor
  • Using technology (recording, etc.)

Fraser's training is pointed at and geared to the call center supervisor/trainer/quality assurance staff member that has an understanding of the items noted above but needs to focus on the specifics of the Fraser "Excellence in the Eyes of the Customer"© model, the philosophy and definition behind the specifics of the model and how to cascade the model throughout the organization.

A typical engagement would include:

  • A brief overview of types of learning

How do individuals learn, how do you incorporate different learning styles into a training session and strategies for engaging students?

  • Our own interpersonal style
    • Each of us has our own interpersonal style in working with our team. Our interpersonal style drives our leadership style. During this session, each participant will conduct a personal assessment that identifies his or her own interpersonal style as they participate in a team environment. Are they:

  • Targeted and a Driver
  • Enthusiastic and Expressive
  • Accommodating and Amiable
  • Meditative and Analytical

The outcomes of the assessment will identify the needs and fears of each interpersonal style.

  • Our leadership style differs from our interpersonal style. Identifying ones style, strengths and weaknesses as a manager/supervisor allows the staff member to modify their behaviors to be a more effective trainer, manager or supervisor.
    • Each participant will conduct a personal assessment of his or her leadership style. Are they:

  • A Warrior
  • A Cheerleader
  • A Human Computer
  • A Lamb

Based on the outcomes of the assessment, the participant will learn the leadership skills they need to develop.

  • The Fraser "Excellence in the Eyes of the Customer"© model.
    • What is the importance of consistency of monitoring and scoring to the call center, the coach, the CSR?
    • Why is the Fraser model SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Time Based)?
    • Examination of the definitions behind the objective criteria in the Fraser model
    • Understanding the tools used to bring consistency to what might be considered "subjective" criteria in the model
    • Using actual digitally recorded calls to transition the criteria understanding to actual scoring practice.

  • How are parameters specific to your call center added and developed?
    • i.e. When does a call get escalated?
    • i.e. To whom do calls get escalated?

  • The quantum leap from conformance to performance, from compliance to commitment
    • Using confidence, trust and respect as tools

  • Cascading call monitoring/scoring to the CSR level

The Training Staff

Our training staff are not only skilled trainers but seasoned call center managers. They bring a unique mix of training talent coupled with significant experience as call center managers, call center trainers, call center train the trainers and senior program managers.