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Survey Methodology

The Fraser Group has been involved in voice of the customer and satisfaction research for over 20 years. The models we have developed and use have evolved over the years to keep pace with trends in not only the published literature and the academic community's developments but, more importantly, with customer/respondent requirements.

Our approaches account for:

  • The concepts of relationship management
  • The realization that customer satisfaction in many cases goes much deeper than product performance
  • The important development of statistically significant feedback to drive management decision making
  • The importance of developing programs that are customer friendly

For our three major products, Fraser recommends specific methodologies for each.

For SETS ©, Fraser utilizes digitized recordings of actual CSR/caller conversations. Fraser's technologies allow us to interface with any client interface (NICE, Witness, etc.) and capture calls for our use in measuring CSR performance.

For EOA, Fraser relies on proctored meetings with all employees. Employees complete the EOA documents and actually assist Fraser in returning those documents to Fraser to assure anonymity of respondents.

For Voice of the Customer Research, Fraser relies primarily on outbound telephone or outbound internet interviewing.

Our professional staff is happy to discuss the consideration factors and our reasoning behind picking each of these methodologies as our primary approach.