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Service Excellence Tracking Study ("SETS")©

A SETS program from Fraser offers effective, performance driven quality improvement guidance to leadership who understand that sustaining a customer-focused culture is critical to continued success and funding of the customer contact center.


Most contact centers understand the importance of monitoring the performance of their customer service specialists and the importance of retaining an experienced workforce that provides world class "customer" service. However, most monitoring programs are focused not on the customer but on the process and technology. When quality and supervisory staff actually have the time to monitor the customer service specialist, (regardless of the plan, in reality it is perhaps once or twice a month) it is focused on adherence to the technical aspects of the interaction with little or no attention given to the issues that make the biggest impact on the organization's callers. The outcome is customer contact supervision that is frustrated on how to identify specific, actionable coaching/training needs that are focused on improving the customer's interaction with the customer service specialist.


The Design

A Contact Center Service Excellence Tracking Study ("SETS")© is designed to provide management affordable, outside verification of performance based on the Fraser Group's industry proven Contact Center Performance Criteria. A SETS program provides benchmarking and tracking information The Fraser SETS program gives supervisors and management the necessary specific, actionable areas on which to focus improvement and compliance/commitment training within the five main components of a customer interaction:


  • The Greeting
  • Listening and Confirmation
  • Solution
  • Professionalism
  • The Closing

Within these five main components of a call, the SETS program utilizes a proven set of 31 criteria, specific to the government contact center to objectively score the performance of the call center. Additional criteria specific to the individual call center is included in the evaluation.



Utilizing digitized recordings of actual calls, Fraser assesses actual caller contacts with your customer service representatives on a daily basis utilizing the criteria referenced above. The number of calls is sufficient to provide statistically significant evaluations during each measurement period.



Receiving quarterly reports that detail representative performance in each of the 31 criteria within the five major criteria areas, managers, trainers and quality assurance staff are armed with the information they need to design initial training and recurrent training that reflects the callers needs which, when met, improves caller satisfaction.


The graphics below show the improvement in overall call quality realized over time by three of Fraser's clients after implementing a SETS program.