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For most organizations, a historical measurement of past performance and a predictor of future success has been the measurement of revenue or ROI. Revenue or ROI, however, is only the outcome of the underlying activities a firm performs in designing, producing, marketing and distributing its product and/or service which provide value to its' customers. To adequately monitor performance of the organization and identify areas of needed improvement to positively effect a firm's competitive position, an organization must identify what (in its total offering of products and services) creates value for its customers and determine how well the organization does at delivering that value.

A voice of the customer CVM program from Fraser:

  • Customizes a measurement process to identify the customer's expectations, using input from front line managers, other staff and the customer.
  • Contacts a statistically valid sample of customers (or competitors' customers) by a variety of methods, to learn which of their expectations are being met and which ones need attention.
  • Analyzes the data collected strategically and operationally, so all the key people in the organization can use the information: the Overall Manager/Business Process Owner, the Directors and Operations Management