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Service Excellence Tracking Study ("SETS")©

A SETS program from Fraser offers effective, performance driven quality improvement guidance to leadership who understand that sustaining a customer-focused culture is critical to continued success and funding of the customer contact center.

CHAT Service Excellence Tracking Study ("SETS")©

In response to requests from a significant number of our client partners, Fraser has developed a chat measurement/monitoring program based on our Customer Contact Center/Help Desk Service Excellent Tracking ("SETS") that provides independent assessment of the performance of Customer Contact Centers as they execute "Chat". The CHAT SETS program offers effective, performance driven quality improvement guidance to leadership who understand that sustaining a customer focused culture is critical to driving customer satisfaction with not only the center but with the overall organization.

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Employee Organizational Assessment ("EOA")

Most organizations understand the importance of retaining an experienced workforce that is committed to the organization's goals and initiatives. However, most "employee satisfaction" measurement systems do little to provide the organization with specific, actionable direction on how to improve organizational performance which results in improved employee retention, employee attraction and employee commitment.

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Voice of the Customer Research

For most organizations, a historical measurement of past performance and a predictor of future success has been the measurement of revenue or ROI. Revenue or ROI, however, is the only outcome of the underlying activities a firm performs in designing, producing, marketing and distributing its product and/or service which provide value to its' customers.

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Train the Trainer

In some cases, an individual call center may not want to contract The Fraser Group to actually score calls handled by their CSRs, but would like to implement Fraser's "SETS" program. In these cases, we are happy to license our approach following program specific training conducted by our professional staff.

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Management Training

As a successful member of your organization you have finally been rewarded with the title of manager or supervisor. For what may be the first time, you're involved in hiring, firing, disciplining, promoting, directing, considering requests of leave and dealing with dozens of other employee issues. However, the one thing the organization has not done is prepare you for carrying out your responsibilities "legally".

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