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Employee Organizational Assessment ("EOA")

Most organizations understand the importance of retaining an experienced workforce that is committed to the organization's goals and initiatives. However, most "employee satisfaction" measurement systems do little to provide the organization with specific, actionable direction on how to improve organizational performance which results in improved employee retention, employee attraction and employee commitment.


A Fraser Group Employee Organizational Assessment ("EOA") provides the critical information that allows the organization to act on the drivers of employee:

  • Recruitment
  • Commitment
  • Retention

EOA also:

  • Ties employee feedback to customer satisfaction
  • Integrates employee feedback into the organization's core competency improvement process


Not just another "how satisfied are you" questionnaire, a Fraser Group Employee Organizational Assessment unbundles the key business functions of Leadership (both direct supervision and upper management), People Management, Organizational Effectiveness and Organizational Quality into their most discrete actionable elements. Based on employee feedback, specific actionable areas of organizational strength and opportunities for improvements are identified.




  • Customizing a proven measurement process to identify your employees' and managers' expectations, using their input;
  • Surveying a statistically valid sample (or census) of your employees (paper, e-mail or Internet) allows you to learn which employee expectations (by work group, department, etc.) are being met and which ones need your attention;
  • Analyzing the data we collect from both a strategic and operational perspective assures specific direction on which management can take action;
  • Communicating the results through a Performance Scorecard and supporting materials allows all within the organization to understand the results. Our team further supports individual groups through an action planning and recommendation process that yields the critical changes needed to strengthen the linkages between the organization and employee recruitment, commitment and retention on the one hand, and customer focus and quality on the other.

The table below is just one example of how overall results and findings are presented.


The table shows overall results for a specific location compared to others within the organization. It also clearly identifies specific areas of performance improvement required.

Turning Measurement into Management

Recognizing that what gets measured gets managed and what gets managed gets better, it becomes critical to:

  • Identify which employee issues are the key drivers of the employees perceptions
  • Identify how the organization's abilities in leadership, people management, organizational effectiveness and customer focus/quality interact to create employee perceived value
  • Identify how various employee segments differ in their valuations
  • Detect problems
  • Identify points of leverage where improvement will result in the "biggest bang for the buck"