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CHAT Service Excellence Tracking Study ("SETS")©

Optimize customer satisfaction with chat.
Increase customer satisfaction with chat.
Initiate live chat and improve customer satisfaction.


We've read the claims, however, claims such as these, and seemingly hundreds like them, have one thing in common; the claims are based on the belief that using the selling company's software to execute live chat will automatically improve customer service.


For 15 years, Fraser has focused not on what technology, software or hardware is best, but on (regardless of the technology, software or hardware is used) what are the specific, actionable behavior and coaching/training needs require focus to improve the customer's interaction with the customer service specialist.


In response to requests from a significant number of our client partners, Fraser has developed a chat measurement/monitoring program based on our Customer Contact Center/Help Desk Service Excellent Tracking ("SETS") that provides independent assessment of the performance of Customer Contact Centers as they execute "Chat". The CHAT SETS program offers effective, performance driven quality improvement guidance to leadership who understand that sustaining a customer focused culture is critical to driving customer satisfaction with not only the center but with the overall organization.


Most customer contact centers understand the importance of monitoring the performance of their customer service specialists across all forms of inbound communication and the importance of retaining an experienced workforce that provides world class "customer" service. However, most monitoring programs are focused not on the customer but on the process and technology. When quality and supervisory staff actually have the time to monitor the customer service specialist, (regardless of the plan, in reality it is perhaps once or twice a month) it is focused on adherence to the technical aspects of the interaction with little or no attention given to the issues that make the biggest impact on those contacting the center. The outcome is customer contact supervision that is frustrated on how to identify specific, actionable coaching/training needs that are focused on improving the customer's interaction with the customer service specialist.


The Design

A Customer Contact Center CHAT Service Excellence Tracking ("SETS") program is based on The Fraser Group's patented process, the Service Excellence Tracking Study ("SETS") program, and is designed to provide participants with an affordable outside verification of performance base on the Fraser Group's Customer Contact Center Performance Criteria. In addition, the CHAT SETS program benchmarks an individual call center performance to other centers in Fraser's database. The Customer Contact Center Fraser CHAT SETS program gives supervisors and management the necessary specific, actionable areas on which to focus improvement and compliance training within the five main components of a customer interaction:


  • The Greeting
  • "Listening" and Confirmation
  • Solution
  • Professionalism
  • The Closing

Within these five main components of a call, the CHAT SETS program utilizes a proven set of criteria, specific to the customer contact center to objectively score the performance of the call center.



Utilizing digitized recordings of actual calls, Fraser assesses actual caller chats with your customer service representatives on a daily basis utilizing the criteria referenced above.


Deliverables - The Benchmark

During the first month of implementation, Fraser will complete an assessment of the center's performance and provide a center specific report. The report will include performance data for each center and comparison to centers participating in Fraser's CHAT SETS program.


Following the benchmark, Fraser will evaluate a statistically significant number of incoming calls each quarter. At the end of each quarter, Fraser will deliver a center specific report of performance based on the CHAT SETS criteria.



Since each center is unique in the number of chats they participate in, and since the investment is based on a calculation of the number of chats necessary to score/follow-up on, a generic price is not available. In general, once the price is established, based on the specifics of the center, quarterly invoicing occurs based on the design.


The Benefits


Business Process Owner/Overall Senior Management

Our services help Process Owners/Managers strategically identify and implement ways to:

  • Retain performance driven budget
  • Provide clear definitions of the value the center provides
  • Secure new assignments
  • Attack weaknesses in the organization's competitive offering
  • Oversee vendor performance in accordance with pay for performance directives



Our services help Directors operationally with clear directions on:

  • How to provide world class service within the context of strategically providing value
  • How to improve your business processes so your customer's expectations are met
  • How to improve the cost/value relationship


Operations Manager

Our service let Operations Managers:

  • Provide world class service to the customer
  • Clearly identify your customers' expectations in terms of world class service and the gaps that exist between these expectations and the group's performance